Mother Tinctures

Homeopathic Mother Tincture

It is the original tincture prepared with the aid of alcohol, directly from the crude drugs, secured from any source; weather it is of vegetable, animal or mineral origin. Dr. Masood’s Mother tinctures are prepared according to the homeopathic technique, retaining all the medicinal properties of a drug.

From aphorism 264 to 271 of organon of Medicine, Hahnemann has given instructions in preparing homeopathic medicine. Hahnemann discovered his own methods of making mother tincture preparation and succeeding potencies.

In the preparation of mother tinctures Hahnemann classified the plant materials in four groups, depending upon their juice content, e.g., most juicy, moderate juicy, less juicy and dried ones. In the last group he also includes the dried animal substances.
Mother Tinctures are the starting point for dilutions. Authenticity of the raw materials, the quality of alcohol and water, and the percentage used, the strength of phytochemicals, filtration, bacterial counts are some of the important factors responsible for good quality mother tinctures.
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Methods use for preparing mother tincture are Maceration or Percolation.

MACERATION– It is a long process used for the formation of large quantities of drug substances, needing much time for the extraction of their medicinal essentials. Crude substances used for maceration, include hard, gummy, mucilaginous substances and those substances having much viscid juice which prevent the rapid penetration of alcohol (menstrum) into the mass.

PERCOLATION– It is a comparatively short process, but is a special method that is used for the extraction of dried vegetable and drug substances. This process is carried out in a special vessel – the percolator. Mother tincture can be obtained directly. Decantation is not necessary before filtration.

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